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Non resident financing in Costa Rica

Financing for non-residents in Costa Rica could appear challenging, if not impossible. Your residence status could have an impact on the financing options. A lender undoubtedly sees a person who has spent the time and money to obtain residency as being at a lesser risk than someone who is not a full-time resident and does not possess a residency permit. In the past, banks in Costa Rica offered rapid loans to non-residents. Nevertheless, this has altered due to significant developments in global finance during the past few years.

If you own a home in Costa Rica, our clients have money to lend you without the hassle of traditional banks.

Since you don’t fulfill their cash flow standards, have the banks turned you down? No need to be concerned – GAP Equity Loans can assist! Use your home’s equity to obtain loans starting at $50,000 USD and above. Using the equity in your house as security for the loan gives you access to credit.

You invested a lot in your house. Currently, you can benefit from it! If you take out a home equity loan, you can access your equity whenever and however you need to, for things like:

  • High Education;
  • Dream Vacations;
  • Home Improvements;
  • New Car;
  • Weddings and more.

Private lenders provide affordable private loans in the busiest seaside communities and the Central Valley between 10% and 18%. You can be eligible for a loan of up to 50% of your home’s worth by utilizing the equity in your property as collateral.


Remember that anyone may apply for a loan with our private lenders and receive a quick answer, flexible terms, and affordable rates!

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