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Borrow Money in Costa Rica!

Use your property as collateral (guarantee) to get the money you need fast!

Get your loan now! +506 4001-6413
USA/Canada toll-free 855-562-6427

Since 2008, we’ve specialized in equity loans in Costa Rica.


In most cases, we can close and fund a loan within 7 – 10 business days. Compare that to the typical six months up to a year with conventional banks, and you can see why real estate developers, investors, homeowners, business owners choose us.


Equity Loans Through Us

Borrowing against your home is a helpful way to get money for unexpected expenses or make your plans come true by helping you fulfill your financial goals. Here at Gap Equity Loans, we understand dealing with other financial institutions can be overwhelming at times. Find out more.



Gap Equity Loans can be a better choice in the flexibility of terms offered. We have access to private investors and lenders that conventional banks do not. As a result, we can provide lower rates, lower closing fees, and more financing options than conventional banks.


Turn Your Home Into An Asset

Use your home as collateral (guarantee) to get the money you need fast

Our home equity loans offer:
• Funds in a lump sum
• Fixed monthly payments
• Easy to follow the payment schedule
• Fixed interest rate for the life of the loan.



We work with customers to have their loan requests approved quickly. As long as the borrower can repay the loan and has sufficient money invested in the collateral property, our private lenders can typically see past the problems that would prevent a regular mortgage.


Getting The Right Deal

Private & Hard money loans with interest rates, comparable to conventional banks, borrower up to 50% LTV, $100k to $1 million, easy qualifying! Equity loans for residential, commercial, and industrial properties that do not qualify for a conventional bank.


Complete Our Form to Borrow Money in Costa Rica

Fill out our loan request and get started with your future now!

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