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Costa Rica Home Equity Loans Guide

Costa Rica Home Equity Loans can provide access to large amounts of money and are easier to qualify for than other types of loans because you’re putting up your home as collateral, also known as a guarantee. We have access to many private investors and lenders that conventional banks do not. As a result, the private lenders we work with can provide competitive interest rates, closing fees, and financing options compared to traditional banks.

We aim to connect borrowers with investors who can help them with the financing they need. You should not have to jump through hoops to learn how to secure a loan for an investment property. We certainly aim to make it as simple as possible for people like you, who have worked hard and saved a long time to acquire the cash you need to realize your plans.


Have a look through the variety of types of loans we focus on:


Use Your Home as a Guarantee (Collateral)

Do you own property in Costa Rica? Are you looking to leverage its value? A home equity loan might be the answer you’re looking for

Luckily for you, obtaining a home equity loan with us is much easier than you might think, with far less hassle & obstacles than the conventional bank process. Using the equity you have built up in your home, a loan can help you achieve many financial goals.

Use a home equity loan to:

  • Open a Small Business

  • Renovations

  • College/Graduate School

  • New Vehicle

  • Dream Vacation

  • Weddings

  • And More!


Get a loan from $50,000 USD up to $1,000,000+ USD based on the equity in your property. You may qualify for a home equity loan that reaches up to 50% of your home’s value!

A typical loan of this type can be anywhere from 6 to 36 months. We look at all kinds of properties, both large & small. For example, if your home is worth $200,000 USD, you can get a loan of up to 50% or $100,000 USD minus the closing costs. In exchange, the lender will place a mortgage lien on the title until you repay the loan. You only have to pay the interest each month and the principal at the end of the term.


How Gap Equity Loans Can Help You

Many of our clients say that Gap Equity Loans have helped them meet their financial needs better than Costa Rican banks. In other words, we can be a better option than conventional banks. That is because we focus on the following factors:

  • Speed of Funding Loans

In most cases, our private lenders can close and fund a loan in about 7 – 10 business days. Compare that to the typical six months up to a year time frame with conventional banks, which slows the process for the borrowers. Now you can see why our clients – real estate developers, investors, businesses, and homeowners, choose us.

  • Flexibility Of Loan Terms

We work with our Private Lenders to structure the loan repayment and collateral (equity) release terms to benefit both parties mutually.

  • Approval of Loans

Sometimes conventional banks will deny loan requests due to a self-employed borrower, a short work history, lack of income history, etc. With us, you have a greater chance of getting a loan authorized, even if a bank previously denied you. We work with borrowers to get quick approvals on their loan requests. Our private lenders are typically willing to overlook these difficulties if the borrower can repay the loan and has adequate cash invested in the collateral property.

The advantages of our services are clear as day:

  • NO upfront fees

  • NO annoying forms

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Fees similar to bank’s

  • Top-notch experts


Our Terms:

According to The Global Economy, depending on the details of your project, our interest rates for loans in the range of 12% to 18% on construction projects are usually close to the traditional bank’s rate of 14.23%. We’ll give each proposal for financial support its own careful review.



We help borrowers get access to needed cash fast. So, if you cannot obtain traditional financing, if the bank’s requirements are holding you back, look no further! Do you need a fast turnaround, a simple loan application process? You can count on us to provide you with private investors we work with for all your borrowing needs.


-Co-written by Lawsen Parker (Operations Manager) and Glenn Tellier (Founder of Grupo Gap)


“I was hesitant to invest with Gap Equity Loans at first, but boy am I glad I did. I’ve seen a great return on my loan.” -George



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