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You’ve got questions, and we have answers. Do not hesitate to send us a message – Gap Equity Loans and our friendly staff, who are real expert advisors in this business, will contact you back as soon as possible. We will guide you on every step towards obtaining your equity loan and ensure you achieve your financial goals through private lenders. Check the full list of the services we provide HERE.


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    With Gap Equity Loans, you have:

    • access to needed cash fast;
    • access to private investors and lenders;
    • better rates and flexibility than the competition.

    At Gap Equity Loans, our mission is to unite people to complete a fair and balanced transaction between those who need financing and those who want to invest. In other words, we connect investors with borrowers who can help you finance your property. With us, you have greater chances for your loan approval.

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    Our Home Equity Loans might be the answer you’re looking for.

    Gap Equity Loans helps you access needed cash quickly and make your dreams come true!


    Escazú, San José
    Costa Rica


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