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Glenn Tellier


Steven Stewart

Business Development

Jeffrey Alami

Loan Analyst
Who We Are

Since 2008 Gap Equity Loans has been brokering secured equity loans to ex-pats and locals that need funds to start, complete or expand a project, renovate their home, buy a new car or get that must have item.

Someone is closing deals today, regardless of the weather, economy, politics, or any other excuses. Get out there and add value to people’s lives by helping them move forward toward their financial freedom, peace of mind, and legacy

We work with residents and non-residents alike using a similar process as commercial lenders but without the lengthy wait time and our own personal touch. Aside from lending we offer legal and investment services.

Equity Loans

Obtaining a loan with us is a lot easier than you might think. Presenting far fewer obstacles than a traditional Costa Rican bank loan. We offer personal service and are truly invested in making your project a success. Using equity, you already have invested in your home or business; a loan can help to achieve any number of financial goals. With common amounts starting at US$50,000 and a typical timeframe of 6 to 36 months.

Open a Small Business
Purchase a Second Home or Rental Unit
Home Renovations
College/Graduate School
New Vehicle
Medical Bills

The same concept applies to commercial loans for companies that need cash in order to finance the development of operations or for commercial property owners in order to provide the necessary maintenance (for example, roof repairs) or perform improvements to their commercial premises for rent that maximize their income for rent.

We Can Help You

We specialize in brokering secured equity loans & providing funding for various financial needs in Costa Rica. We assess your request & present the solution best suited for you. Gap Equity Loans is the bridge between where you are today and where you want to take your project tomorrow.

When starting a project of any size in Costa Rica many people run into higher than expected final costs, regardless of how much budget planning was done before starting. This is where Gap Equity Loans can help. Get those extra funds needed to open that hotel, B&B or restaurant in a positive cash flow situation. The same is true for completing home renovations, buying a second home, a new car or even paying “aguinaldo” at the end of the year.

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