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How to get the easiest loan in Costa Rica

A Home Equity Loan or Mortgage Loan – how to get the easiest loan in Costa Rica?

Why are so many people being denied loans from traditional banks?

A shortlist of the common reasons :

  1. Poor credit history;
  2. Insufficient Income/Asset Documentation;
  3. The down payment is too small;
  4. Inadequate employment history;
  5. Insufficient collateral.

Alternative Option

If traditional banks are not meeting the needs of the people, where do they go for help? The answer is Gap Equity Loans.

Gap Equity meets the financial needs of many clients, better than traditional banks, by focusing on the key factors of Speed, Flexibility, and Approval.

Access to a network of private lenders willing and able to quickly fund a loan is the speed factor. This makes the difference between winning and losing on an opportunity. Many private lending services compete for qualified borrowers, so speed in closing is very important.

The second core factor that makes Gap Equity Loans a better choice is the flexibility in terms offered. The structure of the loan repayment and collateral (equity) release terms are mutually beneficial to both parties involved.

The final factor, probably the most important to those needing the loan, is approval.

Gap Equity Loans works with borrowers to get quick approvals on their loan requests. The network of private lenders usually can overlook the common issues that traditional banks will not. As long as the borrower can repay the loan and that he or she has sufficient capital invested in the collateral property, it is most likely Gap Equity Loans’ private lender will fund the borrower.

In closing, the easiest loan to get in Costa Rica is a Home Equity Loan with a help of Gap Equity Loans.

That is because Gap Equity Loans Are A Better Choice Than Traditional Bank Loans.




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