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Aguinaldo in Costa Rica

What is Aguinaldo? Aguinaldo in Costa Rica was developed to help the workers deal with the additional costs associated with the Christmas and New Year's season and is the "holy grail" of bonuses paid by every employer, whether government or…

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Private Mortgages in Costa Rica 2023

Most banks in Costa Rica cannot give private mortgages to foreigners in 2023 unless they are at least permanent residents; however, many of the country's most prominent financial institutions, as well as international financial institutions like Scotia and Davivienda, have…

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Costa Rica Private Lending 2023

What is private lending? Private lending in Costa Rica is becoming a more popular option than regular bank loans in 2023. Private lenders are more prepared to take riskier borrowers, which banks tend to avoid. A growing economy offers many…

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How to finance a home in Costa Rica

Many have daydreamed about purchasing multiple properties and vacation homes outright without a mortgage. For Costa Rican foreigners in the past, this was the only option for buying real estate. Finance-free complete cash payments. This, albeit impractical process for most, is…

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