About Us

Home Equity Loans & Our Mission

Gap Investors Ltda is a Costa Rican company, founded in 2008 by industry experts looking to offer accessible home equity loans for those in need. (Registration No. 3-102-258902)

Homeowners use our equity loans to take full advantage of their real estate’s value in order to realize dreams such as starting a small business or buying a 2nd home. The same concept is applied to commercial lending for companies in need of cash to finance operations growth.  Commercial property owners can also benefit by updating or expanding rentals to maximize earning potential.

Equity loans are used by developers with existing equity to “bridge the gap” to the point where conventional bank loans are within reach. Borrowers who own real estate with high development potential use gap financing to get projects off the ground & reach the point where an established bank will finance your project at conventional interest rates.

Here at Gap Equity Loans we bring years of industry experience and put those expertise to work for you and your investments.

Meet Our Management Team

Glenn Tellier, President:

IMG_0282bBorn and educated in Canada, Mr. Tellier, received his Real Estate and Mortgage Broker License in 1996 and was instrumental in securing hundreds of millions of dollars in bridge financing for large-scale real estate construction projects, creating some of the most desirable properties in Canada.

While vacationing in Costa Rica, Mr. Tellier realized the limitless opportunities for development in the country while maintaining its environment, culture and peaceful co-existence with nature. In late 1999, he relocated to Costa Rica, bringing with him the same skills, talents, visions, and enthusiasm. Founding Emerald Marketing Limited in 2000, Mr. Tellier relied heavily upon his past experience in the project development and construction industries and his extensive marketing experience to successfully secure bridge financing which resulted in the creation of world-class resorts to spectacular residential estates.

Mr. Tellier founded Gap Investors Ltda in March 2008 and founded Gap Real Estate in October 2009. As Founder and CEO of Gap Investors Ltda and Gap Real Estate, located in the popular Central Valley of Costa Rica, Mr. Tellier has successfully developed a collaborative team of professionals to represent their discriminating buyers seeking properties in the most desirable areas of Costa Rica, while maintaining a high-profile and international customer base offering diverse properties zoned for beach front resort and condominium developments as well as planned residential communities and investment properties.

Mr. Tellier requires tenacity, perseverance, and dedication both of himself and his staff. As a fierce yet fair advocate, consultant and well-focused professional, Mr. Tellier is well respected by his colleagues for his direct and successful business approach while always employing a genuine concern and encouragement to create a positive experience for his clients. His impeccable reputation in servicing his client’s needs and concerns have earned him an impressive list of repeat and recommended clients. Utilizing current technology, Gap Investors is dedicated to bringing a more “cutting edge” and modern approach to marketing properties in Costa Rica to a broader spectrum of clients.

Johanna Alvarez, Vice President:

Johanna, a bilingual Costa Rican, has been in direct sales and marketing her entire career, beginning as an entrepreneur of several large retail establishments located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Johanna’s extensive knowledge of Costa Rica’s property market, both commercial and residential, and Costa Rica’s laws and regulations governing domestic and international property sales have been an invaluable tool in providing her clients exceptional service. Her knowledge in banking and finance have led to dynamic discoveries of unique opportunities and hidden gems in Costa Rica’s real estate market.

Keeping abreast of current market trends, her assessment of future development plans for Costa Rica, and her impressive base of repeat and referred clients have earned Johanna the utmost respect from her colleagues and clients alike. As Vice President of Gap Real Estate and Gap Investors Ltda., Johanna is the designated team leader overseeing property listing presentation and execution, an advocate for exemplary client services, and a knowledgeable liaison for those clients seeking financial and legal assistance. While working closely with her legal advisers, Johanna understands the importance of knowing and interpreting the Costa Rican laws regarding real estate transactions to provide her clients the most current information available to assure a smooth and pleasurable transaction process.

Johanna brings her professionalism, diligence, and dedication to every aspect of her business. She is known for her creative marketing, skillful negotiation, and attention to detail in meeting her clients’ needs (even in the most challenging property transactions) which have resulted in increased revenues and an impressive base of loyal and satisfied clients.