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Are you outgoing, have lots of contacts and meet lots of people?
Earn a referral fee of $250 for every $50,000 borrowed!*

Grupo GAP is a financial services company that specializes in the brokering of home equity loans. We are a fast, simple and effective alternative to using traditional lending institutions in Costa Rica.


Would you like to get paid helping us with loans?  All you have to do is refer people (borrowers) that need a loan and we’ll pay you a referral fee once the loan has been closed (funded).

Does that seem too simple? Well, it really is!

If you know someone that needs an equity loan, follow these simple steps:

  1. You give them our (company name, company website, company phone number)
  2. You tell them to use enter your name as the “Referral Agent” under “How Did You Hear About Us?” section on their loan application.
  3. You send their (full name, phone number) to us via (WhatsApp +506 4001 6413).

That’s all that you need to do. And, once their equity loan has been funded you will get paid your referral fee.


No, you don’t need to be an expert on equity loans. But, you should know some basic information about equity loans that will help you in referring quality loans to us:

We generally like to process loan amounts below 40% of the value of the collateral property. This ratio is known as the (Loan to Value) ratio and it is based on a “quick sale” price of the property, not a retail price. A quick sale price is a price that the property can be sold in 90-120 days.

Note:  The lower the LTV percentage, the higher chance of the loan being closed and funded.

Use of Borrowed Funds. What will the borrower use the loan for?

  • If the funds are solely to pay off an existing loan, that is not the best reason, but it’s still valid.
  • If the funds are to expand a business or renovate a home then that is much better! Also, If the borrower had a loan in the past and paid it down, this is also good news.

By giving potential borrowers these tips, you can increase their chances of getting their loan request approved and ultimately this will allow you to receive your referral fees faster!


We prefer to fund loans in the following areas of Costa Rica:

  • The Central Valley (GAM)
  • Costa Rica’s most visited beaches (Jacó, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, etc.)

*The Referral free quoted above is for standard equity loans with standard closing fees.

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