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Need a Line of Credit?

Gap Equity Loans provides asset-backed, fixed, secured lines of credit. What does that mean, exactly? We offer a set amount of cash based on our valuation of a fixed asset, usually real estate.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, where you make a blended payment of both principal and interest payment, we only have a monthly interest payment for the duration of the loan. The principal is paid off at the end of the loan rather than during the loan.

This will reduce your monthly payments dramatically compared to a traditional mortgage with payment of both principal and interest. Understand that this is a short-term solution to get a loan fast, and not a 30-year option as in traditional mortgages.

For example, let’s say you are selling your home. You want your home to fetch the highest sale price possible, which may take some time in this market. Also, you may want to invest some funds into sprucing up the house to help it sell at the desired price.

What if you want to go ahead and buy a new home while your current one is for sale? Get a loan from Gap Equity Loans on your current home, and use it as a down payment on your new home while applying for a traditional home mortgage at the bank. This guarantees you get into your new home sooner rather than later!

Our line of credit option can help you renovate your current home. Many people opt for a swimming pool or major upgrades. Lenders are very open to this, and are willing to consider lower interest rates, because the funds are invested back into the property, increasing the value of the asset being held as collateral.

There are many reasons to obtain a line of credit or short-term loan, so choose wisely what you plan to do with the funds when you receive them. Most importantly, you should have a clear and concise plan on how you plan on paying off the loan in a few short years.

Time goes by rapidly and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to ask for an extension or a renewal at the very end of the loan term. Paying down your loan by at least 10% is highly recommended. Remember, lenders are not obligated to renew or extend your loan. If you are a responsible borrower and pay all payments on time, there is a very good chance we can renegotiate your loan for you, or get a new lender in for a new term. Gap Equity Loans is here to help tailor your borrowing needs, including a proper exit strategy.


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