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How to Buy a Home in Costa Rica with Us

Doing Your Due Diligence

Costa Rica appeals to expats for a variety of reasons, including miles of beautiful coastline, friendly inhabitants, and all in between. Mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes dot the landscape, which is situated between the peaceful Caribbean Sea to the east and the raging Pacific Ocean to the west. There are also lots of options for expats on how to buy their ideal home in Costa Rica, and owing to the strong expat networks already in place. There’s enough of information to help you get started. There’s still a lot to consider before you plunge in, just as there is when you buy a home in your native country. Naturally, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible before embarking on your adventure, and contacting a lawyer and an accountant is strongly recommended.

Dealing With Professionals

Foreigners enjoy the same rights as residents when acquiring land in Costa Rica, unlike in several other nations. Property might be owned outright in your name or in the name of your company. When it comes to lending, Costa Rican banks are highly cautious, and interest rates are often very high. Purchasing real estate in Costa Rica is a very straightforward procedure. However, like with any commercial transaction, it is critical to conduct due diligence and engage with specialists.

GAP Can Help

It’s not always easy to get a mortgage loan from a local bank (if not impossible). So, if you’re not a Costa Rican permanent resident, you could have some difficulties. While banks spend time putting up roadblocks, we provide a quick, easy, and effective alternative. We specialize in providing secured home equity loans. Obtaining a private equity loan is perhaps your best option, and Grupo GAP can help.

As an example:

If you want to buy a home for $400,000, you would put down 60% ($240,000) and a Grupo GAP private lender would lend you 40% ($160,000).

The benefits of using GAP are:

  • We lend up to 40% of the property value.
  • A Fixed interest rate for the life of the loan.
  • Funds in a lump sum.
  • Fixed monthly payments (interest only).
  • Interest rates comparable to Costa Rican banks for non-residents.
  • Closing costs comparable to Costa Rican banks.
  • We can usually fund a loan within one to two weeks.
  • An easy to follow payment schedule.
  • A simple loan application form.



By the way, did you know that if you spend $200,000 or more on a home in Costa Rica, you may be eligible for Costa Rica residency?   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


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