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Professional Loan Services in Costa Rica

Gap Equity Loans can help clients with many professional loan services in Costa Rica.


Clients of lawyers frequently go-to lawyers for advice when they run into financial difficulty. These financial difficulties may be a result of them having past due bills and the bank will not help them out. But, we probably can as long as there is viable collateral available to back a loan.

Real Estate Agents

There are many Expats, without residency, looking to buy homes but they are unable to obtain a traditional mortgage loan.

If they have a healthy down payment, then we again may be able to help facilitate a loan for them until they qualify for a bank loan once they obtain their residency.

Insurance consultants

The average insurance consultant usually has a large Rolodex of potential clients that can use our assistance.

Imagine a client gets involved in a serious accident where the insurance company of the party at fault will not cover medical expenses. We can work with the client to assist them with an equity loan as a solution.

Land Developers

Land Developers often need extra funding to complete land development projects. Gap Equity Loans are a perfect solution for small, mid-size, and large projects.


Architects work with anyone that seeks mortgage loans to renovate or remodel their homes.  But, most traditional banks are not likely to approve these loan requests. We do, as it adds value to the property and increases the loan-to-value ratio of the property used as collateral.

Architects can also be instrumental in helping land developers. They can assist a land developer to find a solution for financing through a construction loan. (This is dependent on whether or not the development project is in a good state of progress).

Doctors and Dentists

Patients can obtain funding for expensive procedures that are not covered by their insurance.

Gap Equity Loans offers solutions to help professionals and their clients. When traditional banks are not an option, we are, and we are dedicated to helping people.

If you think we can be of assistance in building your business and helping your clients then give us a call today!


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