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Marchamo Car Insurance


Costa Rica has a mandatory motor car insurance called “Marchamo” (an obligatory yearly circulation permit and insurance), which supports the Seguro Obligatorio para Vehículos Automotores, or SOA. The SOA insures individuals wounded in auto accidents. You will receive a paper permit that you keep in your glove box after paying your Marchamo at an authorized point of sale, such as a local bank, along with a sticker that is applied to the inside of the windshield of your car as confirmation of your payment. Please be aware that the Marchamo is a yearly fee that must be paid between November 01 and December 31 to drive legally in Costa Rica the following year.


The insurance covers incidents that result in injury or fatalities. In the event of death, the Insurance may serve as a term life policy for the family of the accident victim. The Insurance will often cover any required medical care, including disability compensation, in the case of bodily harm.


What will occur if I don’t submit the payment before December 31?

  1. Your license plate will be removed from your car if traffic enforcement stops you.
  2. You will also be obligated to pay an additional 10% of the marchamo cost for each month that the payment is overdue.

Note: On New Year’s Eve, the police will begin looking for drivers without Marchamo to issue tickets at exactly midnight to make sure you have the appropriate insurance displayed on your windshield.


Where can I find out the price of my Marchamo?

The Marchamo is handled by INS (National Insurance Company) and typically costs around 3,15% of the car’s tax value. Any unpaid traffic or parking tickets associated with the vehicle’s license plate may be added and included in the Marchamo’s cost. You may get a more precise price for your particular make and model by contacting them directly using the details provided below.


– Call 800-MARCHAMO for free (800-6272-4266)

– Contact number: 2243-9999

– URL:

– Text the word “marchamo” followed by the vehicle’s license plate number to 1467.


-Co-written by Lawsen Parker (Operations Manager) and Glenn Tellier (Founder of Grupo Gap)



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