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Loans for Aguinaldos in Costa Rica

Need loans for aguinaldos in Costa Rica? Here at Grupo Gap, we understand that business owners can have a tough time financially during the Christmas season. Business owners must comply with aguinaldo (mandatory 1-month Christmas bonus).

Other Christmas expenses include going to the beach with the family, and of course, marchamo (vehicle circulation tax) which is due by December 31. This is to pay for the wonderful road maintenance that we all enjoy in Costa Rica!

And to top it all off, plenty of businesses and government offices close for what seems like a month.

We offer collateralized loans to business owners to cover these expenses. For example, we did a large loan last year for a business owner to pay his employees aguinaldos. The loan was for $150,000.00 using his beautiful $1,000,000.00 home as collateral for a one-year term.

We are focusing on businesses in the GAM (San José metro area) primarily. These loans for aguinaldos start from $25,000 and up.

What is Aguinaldo?

It’s close to December, which means it’s almost time for aguinaldos, the year-end employee “holiday” bonus. The aguinaldo is not a perk, but a requirement under Costa Rica labor law.

The question of what is Aguinaldo, and who must pay for it, quickly comes to mind. The short answer is, the Aguinaldo is the 13th month of salary paid to every salaried employee in the country.

The Aguinaldo is the holy grail of bonuses, even paid to undocumented workers — for example, maids and gardeners living and working illegally in Costa Rica.

When Do I Pay Aguinaldo?

Aguinaldo should be paid to your employees during the first 20 days of December. Do not only calculate how much you should pay but also give your employee a written notice of the calculation. When you pay, always have the employee sign off as proof of payment.

If you have property as collateral and need loans for aguinaldos, complete our loan request form and let us help you make your Christmas holidays stress-free!


So, look no further; contact Gap Equity Loans HERE to achieve your financing goals fast, efficiently, and hassle-free!


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