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Sales Agent

Are you an experienced loan agent or sales agent in the real estate, mortgage or finance industry?

The Loan Agent Program is selective for experienced agents, but we also have a referral program for those who want to earn on referring business to Gap Equity Loans!

Grupo GAP is a financial services company that specializes in the brokering of home equity loans. We are a fast, simple and effective alternative to using traditional lending institutions in Costa Rica.


Would you like to become a Loan Agent for Grupo GAP, bringing together lenders and borrowers to meet their investment and financing needs?

Here are some of the details of the Loan Agent Program:

  • Our Independent Loan Agents work on commission for deals closed, similar to real estate. Being a Loan Agent means not simply passing out cards and referring leads, but going to locations, speaking with key people, have clients to bring and represent on a long-term basis for every transaction they do through Grupo GAP.
  • Our goal is to build long-term business with relationships and clients who are managed for years. Grupo GAP provides sales, back-office, accounting, and marketing assistance, but the Loan Agents would do the bulk of the work.
  • Our Independent Loan Agents represent Grupo GAP much like an independent real estate agent with business cards, email addresses, and promotional and marketing materials.
  • Our Independent Loan Agents do not represent any direct expense for Grupo GAP. Agents pay for their own expenses, and only earn commissions when closing deals. They are responsible for their own invoicing, accounting and taxes as independent contractors.
  • The commission structure is based on a 60/40 split. As the broker, Grupo GAP receives 40% for office expenses, back-office personnel, and marketing expenses. The 60% in then split in half – 30% for the borrower’s agent, and 30% for the lender’s agent. As an Independent Loan Agent, you may be the agent for the borrower, the agent for the lender, or both.
  • For example, a loan with a 5% broker commission would work out to 1.5% for the borrower’s agent, 1.5% for the lender’s agent, and 2% for Grupo GAP. In this example, if an Independent Loan Agent brings a qualified borrower for a loan, and closes the deal with one of Grupo GAP’s lenders, the Loan Agent would earn 1.5%.
  • If a site visit outside the Central Valley (GAM) is required by the Agent, the site visit fee will be provided to the Agent for those expenses, on a net basis (fee received minus cost and taxes)
  • Whether an Independent Loan Agent brings a lender or a borrower to Grupo GAP, that client is always connected to that Loan Agent, for any deal they do now and in the future, for the length of the Loan Agent relationship.

Grupo GAP brings on new Independent Loan Agents on a probationary basis and minimum standards must be met to maintain representative status.


We generally like to process loan amounts below 40% of the value of the collateral property. This ratio is known as the (Loan to Value) ratio and it is based on a “quick sale” price of the property, not a retail price. A quick sale price is a price that the property can be sold in 90-120 days.

Note: The lower the LTV percentage, the higher chance of the loan being closed and funded.

Use of Borrowed Funds. What will the borrower use the loan for?

  • If the funds are solely to pay off an existing loan, that is not the best reason, but it’s still valid.
  • If the funds are to expand a business or renovate a home then that is much better! Also, If the borrower had a loan in the past and paid it down, this is also good news.


We prefer to fund loans in the following areas of Costa Rica:

  • The Central Valley (GAM)
  • Costa Rica’s most visited beaches (Jacó, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, etc.)
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