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Buy A Home In Costa Rica

How to Buy a Home in Costa Rica with Us

So, you’ve visited, you’ve maybe even stayed here for a short time, and you’re looking to buy a home in Costa Rica. You’ve found a dream home but it’s a bit outside your cash budget. Or, maybe you want to see what financing options are available in order to leverage your buy.

What kind of financing options are available in Costa Rica if you’re not a resident?

In Costa Rica, non-residents have limited financing options compared to permanent residents or citizens. Most local banks will not approve any mortgage if the borrower is not a card-carrying permanent resident of Costa Rica.

One notable exception is Scotiabank for US, Canadian and UK residents. While the requirements (see list here) are quite extensive, and the process will be time-consuming, it’s technically possible.

There is a much quicker way without so many hassles and requirements that can get you in your Costa Rica home and that’s Gap Equity Loans. We can lend up to 50% of the home’s value during a purchase and get you moved in much faster than with the bank.

This option is great for if you are working on your residency process and need a financing option to bridge the gap. (That’s why we’re called Gap Equity Loans!) Once you have permanent residency and in Costa Rica you’ll be in a position to apply for a traditional mortgage loan at a local bank.

We offer interest-only loans to keep the minimum payment as low as possible, and interest rates competitive with the local private lending market. We can have loans and funded within a couple weeks (sometimes within days), which beats the local banks by a longshot.

Don’t forget that if you buy a home in Costa Rica, you can get your residence! One of the options is the Investor Category, where you can qualify by investing $200,000. Any home purchase where you are investing that amount or higher will qualify. There are also other categories you may qualify for. Fill out your FREE residency assessment at CRIE – CR Immigration Experts.


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