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10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Costa Rica

Whether you are looking to shake up your life, find a beautiful place to retire or simply want to change your surroundings, moving to another country offers many new and interesting possibilities. One of the countries that you may want to consider is Costa Rica. Below are just 10 reasons why you should consider moving to Costa Rica, but there are many more reasons.

Located in Central America, Costa Rica does offer many advantages. With plenty of features that attract tourists from all over the world, there are at least 10 reasons why you should consider moving to Costa Rica.

Warm Climate: The Tropical climate stays warm the year round. Whether you decide to live in the mountains or near the beach, the temperatures are always comfortable. No more freezing cold winters to worry about.

Beauty: From volcanic peaks to stunning beaches, waterfalls, rainforests and more, nearly one-third the land is parks and reserves.

Economy: Thanks to tourism, Costa Rica has a vibrant economy that greatly benefits its people. Because the source of most of Costa Rica’s economy comes from a very reliable source, the people live in comfort in the country.

Proximity: Costa Rica is a less than a 3-hour flight from Miami, Florida and just 5 hours from New York. You can take advantage of low fares to go back to the US frequently.

High Quality of Life: In terms of life expectancy, satisfaction, and happiness, few countries match Costa Rica in these areas which make it a wonderful place to live.

Stable: Costa Rica has had a stable democracy for well over a half-century, making it a great place to live and do business.

Health Care: Some of the best hospitals and medical care facilities in the region are located in Costa Rica. This makes it perfect for seniors who want to retire to the good life and enjoy the many medical benefits as well.

Affordable: With very low property taxes, Costa Rica offers those with modest incomes a place to live comfortably. Many who were just getting by in the US can actually afford to have domestic help in Costa Rica.

Residency: If you want to retire and have an income of just $1,000 per month, you can establish your Pensionado Residency comfortably in Costa Rica. Obviously, the larger your income, the greater the number of options you will have, like Rentista or Investments.

Good Company: Today, there are roughly 50,000 US citizens who are currently property holders in Costa Rica. This means that you’ll be in good company when living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. There is even a bi-monthly newsletter to inform you of what everyone is up to and the many activities that you can participate in as well.

Investors, earn great returns with terms that suit your needs.

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