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Are you a developer in Costa Rica interested in project financing for a major real estate endeavor?

Gap Equity Loans now offers you a solution!

Gap Equity Loans offers multiple options for project financing large-scale ventures. With our brand of financing, the lender looks primarily at revenues that will be generated by the specific project for both security & repayment. Regardless of your area of expertise, we provide funding for special cases which fail to qualify for traditional bank financing.

Large-scale funding (up to $50 million) is available for:

  • Asset based-loans
  • Joint ventures involving real estate
  • Large alternative energy programs
  • Sizable real estate developments
  • Infrastructure loans
  • Refinancing of existing loans

Business Plans:

  • Any large scale funding request must be supported by a professionally prepared business plan.  Key elements of a fundable plan include: an executive summary, detailed description of the project, development schedule, company information and organization, development and management team, micro and macro market analysis, development costs, required permits and approvals, target market, sales and marketing strategy, competition, management and operations plan, pricing plan, capital contributions by ownership, collateral, how the debt will be repaid, and all other pertinent information.  It is critical that your financial forecast consider the timing of cash needs, contingencies, vacancies, etc.   You must also provide supporting documents for the critical assertions in the plan.
  • If you have not completed development of key elements related to your project, or if you do not have a professionally prepared business plan, Gap Equity Loans is prepared to enter a professional services contract with you to assist in completion/preparation.
  • NOTE: each funding opportunity will be considered on its merits regardless of whether the professional business plan was prepared by Gap Equity Loans or a third party. 

Our Terms
Loan/JV funding amount is $1,000,000.00 and up. Interest rates can be as low as 6%, depending on the specifics of your project.

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