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Earn Extra Money Referring People To Us

Earn Extra Money Referring People To Us

Would you like to earn some extra money through referral fees?

Referral Fee: A quick introduction to a borrower will be rewarded with a 0.5% referral fee. We are not taking on any brokers at this moment, but we are interested in paying out referral fees for a quick application form (subject to completion of the loan).

What are your responsibilities as a referral person? Well, really none.

Your goal is find a person that fits the above criteria and can explain our process as discussed here. Then, fill out the loan request form, with your name on it, and submit to us. This will entitle you to a referral fee of 0.5%!

We are full-time lending organization. Although we are moving about $1 million a month on average, we need your help!

We have more money to lend than great loans coming in. Perhaps you might like to have a small  increase in your monthly paycheck. We are looking for great loans and you can pick up a referral fee! What are the basic criteria for a loan? Simple, must be below 50% of the (LTV) loan to value. That is also based on a fire sale price. We must be able to sell the property in a month or two tops.

Not retail value which can take up to a year or more to sell.

I cannot emphasize “BELOW 50%” ENOUGH! We get so many loans that come in like this: “Value of property=$250,000.00 Amount requested $125,000.00” It’s always magical that the amount needed is exactly half the estimated price of the property. Keep in mind, the higher the Loan to Value, the higher the interest rate. Getting a great loan, realistically, is borrowing $100,000.00 against a $400,000.00 property… then we have something to work with.

Great Loan to Value percentages means a better interest rate.

What is the money for? A very important question. If it is solely to pay off an existing loan, well that’s not too good.

If it is to expand your business or renovate your home then that is much better! If you have had a loan in the past and paid it down, this is also good news. By giving potential borrowers these tips, you will expedite the process and this will allow you to receive your referral fees faster!

Our preferred locations are:

  • Central Valley (GAM)
  • Costa Rica’s most visited beaches
  • Other popular tourist areas (Arenal, Monteverde, etc.)

Important to Know When Submitting a Loan

We offer UP TO 50% LTV…it is not our preferred ratio. The lower the LTV the lower the higher chance of the loan actually happening. (Show some reasoning behind how you reached the requested amount.) Very important as well, let us know what the money will be used for.

Contact us today for more information!

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